Relationship Counseling and Interpersonal/Relational Psychoanalysis

Good relationship counseling requires a safe environment.

Building good relationships is the key to good mental and emotional health and wholeness. But sometimes building those good relationships is difficult. Do you identify with any of these emotions?

You’re anxious and confused about getting closer to other people because of past hurts.  You either feel inferior to others socially, or feel unliked or unloved by others.

You yearn to be more successful and accomplish something meaningful, but somehow your feelings of inadequacy or depression get you stuck.

You dread dealing with interpersonal conflict and anger in others and this makes any leadership or managerial role very uncomfortable. You dread your work.

You try too hard to please others, often resulting in less success and more Stress. You think you do not deserve to suceed, or you may blame yourself for relationship failures.

I provide a safe environment so you can:

Learn to work with your feelings of inadequacy until they no longer control you.

Learn to slowly increase your tolerance for conflict and anger by expanding your sense of your value and your ability not to take anger personally.

Learn to be closer to others by improving your connections to others.

Learn to modify your depressed or anxious emotions.


Click here for a description of the characteristics of a good therapist that I follow in my practice.

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