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Dr. Rebecca Propst, PhD. Southwest Portland Oregon Counselor, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst in private practice near Marshall Park, JUST OFF OF Interstate 5 in the Burlingame area.

Tryon Creek in Marshall Park. Southwest Portland. Doug Campbell Photography

Tryon Creek in Marshall Park. Southwest Portland. Doug Campbell Photography

Dr. Rebecca Propst, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Counselor in private practice in Southwest Portland near Marshall Park and Lewis and Clark College and in the Burlingame area, approximately five blocks off of Barbur Boulevard. She provides counseling, psychodynamic therapy and interpersonal psychoanalysis. She works with individuals and couples.  Her subspecialities are in helping people resolve concerns in relating to others, improving relationships,  work-life concerns, depression, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Propst is a preferred provider with the following insurance panels: PACIFIC SOURCE HEALTH PLANS; FIRST CHOICE HEALTH NETWORK PLANS, including Tuality among others; AETA, MODA, and Most Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance plans.  Please check your coverage carefully as having medical coverage with one of these companies does not mean that the mental health coverage is also through these companies. Please note that longer term psychoanalysis or psychotherapy  may not be covered by your insurance plan.

For other insurance plans, in which Dr. Propst is an out-of-net work provider, please call for a discussion of payment and billing options.   Except for couples therapy, psychotherapy is considered a covered service by most insurance companies. In most cases, I don’t accept insurance for couples therapy. However, it is not unusual for me to negotiate a lower fee based on your circumstances.

Dr. Propst is also a member of the Pacific Northwest Provider Group

If you are interesting in seeking a consultation and/or working with Dr. Propst, feel free to give her a call at 503.244.4660

9310 SW 18th Place
Portland, OR

Phone:  503-244-4660