Marriage Counseling and Couple’s Therapy


Marriage counseling and couple’s therapy can be invaluable in helping couples improve their relationship. Beyond practicing individual psychotherapy, and interpersonal psychoanalysis, Dr. Propst has training and experience in marriage counseling. In her faculty positions at both Ohio University and Lewis and Clark College, she taught Marital Counseling to future therapists.

My experience has been consistent with clinical research findings published recently in Science Daily showing that marriage counseling can help even very distressed couples.

Marriage counseling helps couples learn to:

  • Co-parent children or adolescents with school or peer difficulties
  • Co-parent during a divorce
  • Deal effectively with anger and hurt
  • Build up each other’s self-esteem
  • Understand each other’s perspective
    Mount Hood, Timberline Trail. Doug Campbell Photo

    Mount Hood, Timberline Trail. Doug Campbell Photo


  • Deal better with in-laws
  • Communicate more clearly
  • Work with sexual difficulties
  • Share grief and loss effectively
  • Deal with infidelity
  • Blend families
  • Express emotions more effectively
  • Tolerate conflict and differences
  • Fight fairly
  • Support and respect each other
  • Listen to each other
  • Resolve differences in values and goals

Click here for warning signs that your marriage may be in trouble.

Feel free to make an appointment or learn more about me. Individuals who are uncertain as to whether their difficulties would respond best to individual or marital therapy are welcome to call me.

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